Our Team



Laura is all about family, friends, entertaining and gifting. The mention of an occasion that might warrant a party sends her in to a full out planning frenzy. She's a baking machine that doesn't see much down time. Walk in her kitchen any morning at 5am and the oven will be at 350 and flour will be flying. And her fridge rarely contains fewer than a dozen eggs and 2 pounds of unsalted butter.

Curating items for gusto mercantile is a true passion for Laura and she hopes you all find the best gifts for your family and friends right here.


Once a collegiate soccer player, Heather is now just 7 kids away from fielding her own soccer team. (That means she has 4, for those counting at home!) When she's not chasing kids around, Heather enjoys checking out different Farmer's Markets, having dinner with friends and scouting out kid-friendly, but esthetically pleasing furniture for their 1950's home. A lover of all things cheese, Heather can often be found searching the city for the best cheese curds, mac & cheese, grilled cheese or cheese quesadillas. (so many to choose from!)



Colleen spends most of her free time cooking, chasing around her 2 year old son or taking a nice long walk with her lab-mix dog, Bill. If she (or her husband – he does a fair share of the cooking!) doesn’t prepare a home cooked meal, she enjoys dining and drinking at the many delicious downtown restaurants. She especially looks forward to nights out to the movies, going to the comedy club, or theater. When there is some down time, she takes advantage of the quiet with a good book and a cup of coffee. 


Elizabeth is obsessed with everything clothes and fashion, on the weekends she’ll be spotted all dolled up, with a pink pout for a night on the town, or at the local mall. During the week she’ll be caught counting 5,6,7,8 as she coaches a local high school dance team. When she isn’t out-and-about, she’s at home, wrapped in a cashmere blanket, reading fashion magazines, planning her next weekend getaway, or searching endlessly through Pinterest for visual and creative inspiration. Summer is her favorite season, where she enjoys the sunshine, sipping on a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc, and munching on a charcuterie tray with her family and friends.



Amber is an outdoorsy type, loves running around with her German Shepherd, Stella, and sipping on a good cup of coffee. Most of the time, you can find her out with her friends in downtown Milwaukee, or attending one of the many festival's in the area. There's nothing better than deep-fried cheese curds in one hand and a local craft brew in the other. She loves hiking the trails in Wisconsin's state parks, or going up north with family and friends.