Are you unsure of what rug to purchase to tie your living room together? Before you start thinking about what color or style, make sure you find out what size rug will fit the best in your room.

All legs of furniture on the rug: This option will create the most cohesive look in your room, brining all the furniture in together. Go with a large size rug, determined by the measurements of your furniture. This arrangement works best in open-concept spaces.

Front legs of furniture on the rug: When utilizing this layout, use a rug large enough to insure that just the front legs of each piece of furniture are touching rug. This layout works great if your furniture is up against a wall.

No legs of furniture on the rug: This less common method uses a small rug and keeps all the furniture off of it. If you live in a small apartment, this option is worth a shot in your space. This is the time to incorporate a rug with bright colors or a bold design.